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Saving the Planet

St. Louis HELP is dedicated to improving the environment. Our charity has a double bottom line. Not only do we strive to help those who need resources to maintain or regain their independence, but we also are committed to reducing waste through the cleanup, repair and reuse of health equipment. 

In 2023, St. Louis HELP diverted more than 1000 tons of medical equipment from landfills to help people get well and stay at home with family. See IMPACT

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Recycling, Reusing, Repurposing

For more than fourteen years, St. Louis HELP has been repurposing medical equipment for people to use, instead of it ending up in landfills.


The need is greater than ever

Healthcare professionals are reporting nationally that they are having difficulty securing critical healthcare equipment to care for patients in their homes, in skilled nursing homes and even rehabilitation centers. The pandemic has made the need to recycle stronger than ever. Learn more about making a donation of home medical equipment. 

Clean out your closets, basement and garage!

Healthcare equipment is needed 


The Impact

More than 50  people reach out to St. Louis HELP daily, in need of wheelchairs, hospital beds, walkers, including specialized children's walkers . We distribute just more than 5000 health equipment items per year. Your tax-deductible support of St. Louis HELP does change St. Louis for the better. Thank you.  

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