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STLHELP's Home Medical Equipment Drive Held October 8, 2002,  brought in more than 656 donated items from 115 donors! 

The St. Louis Health Equipment Lending Program is grateful to the many people and organizations that helped to make this event a success! 

On behalf of the more than 1500 St.Louisans in 2021 who were able to help their child, spouse, friend or patient recover and regain strength and mobility through St. Louis HELP, THANK YOU. 

We especially thank: 

Mark, Corey, Cheryl, Dan and Brenda, Joe, Dennis and Nancy, the St. Charles Lion’s Club featuring Robert as Captain, Janet, Madelaine, Riley, Jacob, Monica, Isha, Brandon, Wendy (Wonhee), Jared, Johnny, Cindy, Merav, Ron, Gloria, James, Michael, Parker, Earlene, Dale, Dale S, Donna, Christine, Bill , Jackie, Janet, Kevin, Amir, Megan, Shauna, Kyle, Genie, Debra, Alec, Terry G, Leanne L, Michael, Stephanie, Jane, Kim , Anne and everyone who took the time to volunteer at the equipment drive. 

Our Valued Partners: 

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