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St. Louis Health Equipment Lending Program (STLHELP)

Announces New JEFFCO Leader


          The St. Louis Health Equipment Lending Program (STLHELP) has hired Arnold resident Zach Trammell as Site Manager of the Jefferson County location. STLHELP provides free home medical equipment to anyone who needs it. In addition, STLHELP collects used home medical equipment from anyone who no longer needs it. We clean, refurbish and reuse the equipment.

A lifelong resident of Arnold, Missouri and a graduate of Fox High School, Trammell’s experience includes three years as a Sargeant in the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, along with eight years of nursing care.  “This role excites me,” says Trammell. “I will still be working in healthcare but in just a more affordable place.”

Since 2008, STLHELP has been providing recycled free home medical equipment, sharing healing, happiness and independence, while preserving the environment, neighbor to neighbor. Trammell seeks to help people live a better and easier life.  “I want to reach this community and help people,” he said.

To learn more or request help, visit or call 314-897-4357. The hours of service are Tuesday-Friday: 9 am to 4 pm and Saturday: 9 am to 1:30 pm. No walk ins. Trammell replaces Danny Shepherd, who relocated out of state with family.

Abiding Savior Lutheran Church Is Now a STLHELP HUB


What is a STLHELP HUB? 

To provide better access to STLHELP's services, we are partnering existing organizations. Abiding Savior is the first of what we hope are vibrant partnerships throughout the region to:

1. Provide easy drop off YEAR-ROUND to anyone seeking to help their neighbors through donating used home medical equipment.

2. Enable people in local communities to REQUEST HELP to secure the home medical equipment they need. 


Taking back healthcare neighbor to neighbor

The St. Louis Health Equipment Lending Program (STLHELP) is partnering with Abiding Savior Lutheran Church to provide increased access to STLHELP’s services: collecting, cleaning and refurbishing home medical equipment, and providing it for free to anyone who needs it.


Abiding Savior, located at 4355 Butler Hill Road, St. Louis, is now another place, in addition to warehouses in Olivette and Crystal City, for people in the community to not only drop off used home medical equipment they no longer need, but it also provides access to STLHELP’s services.

“Abiding Savior Lutheran Church is the first in a number of partnerships STLHELP is working to create throughout the region,” said Karen Lanter, executive director. “Through working with established and vibrant organizations like Abiding Savior Lutheran Church, STLHELP can better meet the needs of our neighbors.”

Known as a STLHELP HUB, Abiding Savior will accept home medical equipment donations on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9am and Noon by prior appointment by calling (314) 894-9200. Mark and Cheryl Strahm of Abiding Savior, are leading the effort in building top of the mind awareness of the importance of donating used home medical equipment when it is no longer needed to be refurbished, cleaned and reused. This effort is part of a larger health ministry and was funded in part by the Lutheran Foundation of St Louis.

For more than 15 years, STLHELP, a nonprofit, has been collecting, refurbishing and giving away used home medical equipment to anyone who needs it. This work is needed more than ever with high deductibles, bad insurance, no insurance, denials and now even supply-chain shortages prevent people from getting the resources they need to heal. To learn more about Abiding Savior Lutheran Church, click here.. 

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