Stories of People We HELP

Young and old – near and far!

Meeting your needs…

Bobby M., 63 yrs. old: “You are godsend and greatly appreciated.”

Lydia N., 56 yrs. old: “Thank you. I could not have afforded $4,000 for this equipment for just a few months. There was nobody else that could help me.”

Marie L., 80 yrs. old: “I’m glad there is a service like you to help people in need as I am.  I could never afford this equipment and Medicare won’t pay for it.  Thank you.”

Jay C., 6 yrs. old: “Jay is getting stronger and stronger thanks to the parallel bars… he is beginning to get the gate of a walking person. With your help he has now started with full day kindergarten… Bless all you workers and volunteers…”

Janet F., 65 yrs. old: “I was really nervous about going on vacation since I have been falling and having a hard time walking. …It was a blessing that I found your lending program.  What a wonderful service!  I am so grateful…I am now looking forward to visiting my relatives in Nashville.”

Restoring dignity….

Christine N., 70 yrs. old: “Thanks to you I have a lift chair… and bedside commode.  (With these items)… I am able to get up and go the the bathroom like a human being, thank you so very much!”

Rachel V., 55 yrs. old: “…I have never experienced such ease in accessing the support we needed.  The wheelchair you loaned me is in beautiful condition, and yesterday was the first day in weeks that I left my house for anything other than a doctor’s appointment.  With deep gratitude.”

Marion Y., 75 yrs. old: “…I was given a power wheelchair by your organization…and I am sure it will become more helpful to me, helping my self confidence and independence….Thank you so much.”

Janet, 84 yrs. old:  “Sadly, Janet passed away on Sunday evening.  Because of your kindness, she spent her last days comfortable in the bed and gel mattress you provided…May God bless you richly for your service!”

Our service to you…

Victoria M., 59 yrs. old: “I was treated very politely and prompt service.”

Bertha R., 62 yrs. old:  “This is a wonderful program and I appreciate everything they have done for me.  Everyone was very nice and helpful.”

Doug F. and Joyce C., 56 yrs. old:  “After our car accident, St Louis HELP provided us with all of the equipment we needed.  We love our friends for all they do!”

Isabelle H., 84 yrs. old: “(Your medical equipment) made it possible for Isabelle to come from Boynton Beach, FL to attend her grandson’s wedding.”


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