How to Request Equipment

If you live in the Greater St. Louis community and are in need of equipment to become more independent at home, work or play, call us and we will work to HELP you get the equipment you need.

Call (314) 240-0796 to request the equipment you need, and inquire about availability. Equipment pickups are by appointment only; walk-in requests cannot be serviced.

Equipment Loan Policies

  1. All requests to borrow equipment must be made by calling (314) 240-0796. Requests are processed in the order received.

  2. The borrower agrees to comply with any limitation that may be part of the loan and sign an equipment loan waiver upon picking up the equipment.

  3. The borrower agrees to return all loaned equipment in good working condition.

  4. In the event that the equipment stops working properly, it is the responsibility of the borrower to contact St. Louis HELP immediately.

  5. The borrower will supply batteries, as needed, if required for a particular device.

  6. Once you no longer use the item you borrowed, please return it as soon as possible. Others may be in need and are waiting for it to be returned.


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