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GiveSTLDay 2023 is May 10

Early Giving Now Open!

Help us take back healthcare neighbor to neighbor. Too many people cannot get the equipment they need to get better, to heal, grow and be active. High copays, supply chain shortages, insurance hoops to jump through and just plain no time to wait make STLHELP's work critical to helping our loved ones get better or, for children with disabilities, to be active and part of life. 


Please make a donation during GiveSTLDay 2023. We make getting a loved one out of bed after a stroke a lot simpler and faster. 


"I am thrilled to know that there is hope for families that so desperately need it as they learn to navigate every new challenge with a child with special needs." Rebecca Ohse, PT, DPT, St. Louis Children's Hospital 


Early Giving is open! Please support this worthy mission:

  • Donate @ GiveSTLDay/STLHELP

  • Donate anytime before May 10 and STLHELP could win a $500 cash prize 

  • Donate between 9am & 10am on May 10 and STLHELP could win a CASH

  • Donations by mail are great Too! STLHELP, 9709 Dielman Rock Island Industrial Drive, St. Louis, MO  63132

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